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This is something special, first of all, we will explain a bit about WireX and let you know how you can claim your $10 bonus.

WireX is a banking solution based in London that wants to change the banking world with its use of your crypto in-store using the Visa pre-paid cards that you can get sent to you when you sign up.

All you need to do to use your crypto in-store is transfer your crypto to the wallet of any of the supported crypto coins and tokens and then exchange it to your fiat account and after transfer, the fiat to your pre-paid card and you are all set to use your card in-store.

WireX gives a standard 0.5% crypto back of the amount you use, so you can earn bitcoin back every time you use the card in a store (do not count on web or app-based buys), but if you own the WireX token you can get up to 1.5% crypto back.

WireX supports 10 different cryptos to fund your card including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

How to claim the $10

All you need to do is click any of the WireX names in this post to sign up since its needed to be invited to get the bonus.

When you have signed up you will need to link your local bank card to WireX and go to any of the cryptos they support and buy $100 worth of Crypto. Have in mind do NOT fund your Fiat account using your card and buy crypto after since it won’t give you the bonus if it’s done that way.

When you have done that you should get the first $5, now you will just need to order a WireX card to your home and then use it one time in a store to get the last $5 worth of Crypto, now you are all set to use your crypto and you do not need any bank transfers or anything that can take weeks, no just transfer, exchange and use, it is really that simple!

What do you think of WireX? please tell us below this post!

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