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We hate scamming crypto-based business as much as everyone else and why we are doing the service to verify a business to help people to find who they can trust and who they can’t trust.

For the business, you will get a full-page report of your business as well as a badge linking to your own personal page hosted on this website so it can’t be faked.

We will look into a lot of things depending on the business so we go around everything that can give clear proof of a legit business and not just one that tries to scam people through investments.

What we Verify

  • Business address proof
  • Business owner name verification
  • Own miners (if cloud mining)
  • Licensed Business
  • Business VAT and company number
  • Domain ownership

This is just a small list of what we can look into and will ask a business to provide just to lock all doors for them to scam you and run away with the money and stand accountable for scamming people.

We will do all the hard work for people who have been scammed by a verified business and do the legal sueing and other things to make sure that users get their money back in a rare case a verified business would go ahead and scam people and why we collect all this information from businesses to verify them with local police and databases so we are sure there is no fake information given.

To the Business, before you order please make sure you are ready to pay for this service, you are ready to give everything we ask for to verify you and that the person who orders is also the owner of the set crypto-based company since it has to be the person who verify their business. We will write to you on the email you give on your order (has to be a business email, free emails like Hotmail or Gmail will be ignored.)

All you need is to buy the verification Product from here.

When you have been verified we will then make the page and badge for your business and then you will have to order a subscription for one month or a year. You can also pay for a lifetime subscription which is a onetime payment. that you also can upgrade to later if you do not want to come back every now and then making sure to keep your verification.

For you, that know you just want the lifetime product we also made a onetime payment that includes both the verification and subscription. In case your business fails to be verified we will refund the subscription minus the network fee’s.