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Yea, a very different kind of post today, but this group is really a awesome place for people who love crypto as a whole. The Tip Room is one of the friendly’s telegram community’s I’ve been part of on telegram that also is closing to 2700 active users in its group so there is always people chatting about something and people tipping other people.

The Tip Room uses Parjar as their way of tipping between each other and it shows a good way of using Parjar as mentioned in the post about Parjar and Parachute so go read that post if you haven’t done that. This means that you can tip each other with all the supported coins and tokens of Parjar which is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum (and 20+ tokens) and Litecoin.

What to do in TTR? (The Tip Room)

Well, there is truly always something to do, you can chat with people all around the world because there are always people on that is up for talking about something. You can take parts in games, Trivia nights, Social tasks, Party’s and free lottery’s that you all can win something from.

The Tip Room is beside all that one big family and everyone is welcome no matter who you are, what your flaws are and much more, everyone is so friendly and that also includes the staff (admins).

They also have groups for trading where people trade using Parjar between each other, tho most people trade each other with trust that the other one will send there is a possible escrow if you really do not trust the other person. Don’t worry i will include all links to all their social media and telegram groups.


Now there is only to join the groups and stay active! its your chance to get tips just being active or trading in a quick way!

Remember if you are a member of the community already to comment your review down below this post to help the community and as well give it a rating by clicking on the stars at the start of the post!

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