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I’ve personally followed this project for some time now and I really like where its been heading since the beginning. So for the people who do not know what the Parachute project is, well it used to be a community of people who loved crypto in a whole and now are making big telegram groups day easier.

The Parjar bot that is made by the Parachute team is used by a lot of bigger communities as a wallet and tipping bot. You can deposit and withdraw like you can with any wallet but this just supports some coins and a F loads of ETH tokens including 1up and PAR which is their own token.

Both their token and bot have a very big use case and are even used in telegram trading groups where people just use the tip function to trade with 0 fee’s

I’ve spoken with the owner of the PAR project and he is very friendly and so is the PAR community in itself. This project is really worth taking a look into if you have a big community on telegram and want a way for your community to tip each other or if you somehow would like to do some tipping of your own community.

For the rest of you

Website: https://www.parachutetoken.com/

Telegram: http://t.me/parachutetokengroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/parachutetoken

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ParachuteToken/

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