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Brave browser is a chrome based browser made by the BAT/brave team to make your browsing experience much safer and faster compared to a lot of different browsers out there and I hope that with this I can explain a little bit on why this browser is a good browser to have.

How does Brave work?

Brave is a chrome based browser that is built-in with an advertising and script blocker that will help you to block things that make your browsing experience slower because every time you visit a site you will have to load any tracking scripts, advertising banners and more before you can see the website.

How does it make things safer? well it blocks any script so you won’t get tracked or anything when you are on the site so you will keep your privacy when it comes to google analytics and advertising that tracks everything you do.

Earn BAT with Brave

Brave is not only blocking ads and scripts but also lets you earn BAT with the browser no matter if you are a content creator/website owner or just the reader/watcher or user of the set site.

Users can earn BAT buy watching privacy-based advertising within the browser that won’t track you in any way and will be funded to your build in BAT wallet that comes with your browser. You are also rewarded with $5 for downloading and setting up the browser.

Content creators can sign up for the publisher program for content creators no matter if you own a website, youtube channel, twitch channel or twitter channel for that sake you can sign them up for the publisher account and get donations from your viewers and readers that have funds in their BAT wallet of the browser and also earn $5 dollar in BAT of the current price, but first if the installation has been used for 50 active days not needing to be every 50 days as long its been active for most of the days you would get the reward and paid out every month to your Uphold account automatically made when you sign up to the publisher program.

Does it support all the browser apps I need?

Yes, Brave is a Chrome-based browser so you can go to the chrome store and install any of the apps into your brave browser with no problems at all, so if you use Metamask or other apps it’s very easy to just install them so you won’t lose anything by changing your browser since you can import everything from Chrome or other browsers data.

I support this a lot even tho we do serve advertising but it is a way for us to earn from none brave users and still earn enough to keep this site running. We will later remove that if we will make enough from donations trough brave and other forms to serve a full advertising-free experience.

Are you using brave? please tell people in the comments why they should download brave and serve a much safer web! Click here to download

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