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Stex exchange is one of the newer exchanges on the market but already has a big trade going on. They support a big amount of crypto coins and tokens traded with 5 different coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT and their own token xEUR that also give you a 0% fee if using that to buy with that is backed by the euro.

Stex lists a lot of new coins and tokens compared to a lot of different exchanges and actually makes it easier to get those coins and tokens ore for that sake sell them.

Stex is very easy to use and have a search bar for the wallets so you can find the coin or token that you are looking for, tho I would like to see that they add a dashboard button from the front page over the just sign in or signup so that is removed when logged in and it just would say dashboard.

Compared to a lot of exchanges Stex gives you a smaller trading fee if you do your KYC all the way down to 0.05% as well as giving you 1 xEUR for passing the KYC.

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