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Well, you might heard about Steemit, well Publish0x is like it but isn’t their own blockchain or coin. Publish0x is a project by Bounty0x that rewards content writers on the site as well as readers of the content with either at the time of writing bounty token, Project Hydro token, DAI or BAT.

Publish0x lets the tipper choose how much the writer will receive from the pool and the rest go to him. He can either min give himself 20% and the writer 80% or himself 80% and the writer 20%

They have an ambassador program that really rewards the content creators that gain more signups for publish0x with 5% of every received amount from tips of the signups as well as free featured article placements for his posts.

I have actually used this site for some time now, and I have enjoyed the community and think it deserves a lot more users that want to earn free crypto just by writing. It still pays a lot more than you ever would be able to get from other platforms and I can say that because I’ve tried Steemit and medium and received a lot less then I have on Publish0x but in the end, it’s up to you what you think of this platform.

If you already are a user of Publish0x please leave your review below this post in the comments to let others readers know if its worth to sign up to the site.

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