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So I’ve seen so many exchanges in my time working with crypto both good and bad and new once that also do everything they can to be better than the last one implementing a lot more features and possibilities for its customers to use and make their experience easier in the long run.

Today I took a look into Liquid which is a HYDRO token project and oh boy I wasn’t disappointed in what I saw. Liquid is a newer exchange that recently has been launched by the Quoine team and if you signed up at the start you would have gotten 5000 free HYDRO token deposited by now.

Liquid has KYC as much other exchange to prevent fraud and money laundering, but I do not mind that when it comes to such a great team as the Quoine team. At the time of writing, this Liquid has 4 main pairs for over 30 different coins and tokens but a 5th tab where you can find a lot more pairs. The pairs are USD, BTC, ETH, and QASH and with QASH you can get 50% off your fees if you decide to use them to pay trading fee’s when you trade on the Liquid platform.


Liquid has more then just normal trading within its platform, but I would recommend you to read up on it after you sign up what the different kinds mean if you don’t know already. Liquid support Spot trading, Margin Trading (25x leverage) and Liquid Infinity (up to 100x leverage)

I wouldn’t recommend you to use them if you got no idea what you are going into, instead, I would just recommend you to use the normal way of trading by just clicking the trade button and you will be directed to the trading page where you can also choose your pair.

Quick Exchange

The quick exchange is a place where you can set instant exchanges on buy and sell orders in different fiat and cryptocurrency so you won’t have to wait for the exchange of your crypto. This is a good way to fastly buy and sell crypto if you just want money in return or want a quick start or don’t care in the end for a higher price since it is using the price of the coin and token for the end result

IEO Market

Liquid offers a full out IEO market where you can buy new tokens and coins and is just a different way to hold an ICO but just trough an exchange where you can be sure to get some traffic to the sale of your coin or token.

Lending/Borrow Market

Well as one of the first exchanges I think… Well, Liquid offers the community to lend or borrow money to an interest rate per day as low as 0.014% and up to over 2500 USD at the time of writing this post.

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