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It’s now our time for writing about our second coin and this time its not a token. Lightbit, one of our favorite coins out there. It’s a very easy coin to mine and it also grows well on the market of BTCSquare that also is the place that has the biggest amount of trade so far of this coin and still growing.

There is a lot of people already mining this amazing coin and it is closing to the first and only halving down to 5 Lightbit over the 10 there is now.

So why is Lightbit so good? Well, it’s the daily use and how easy and cheaper it is to use compared to a lot of coins out there. Not only is the sending almost instant, but the fee for sending is very low compared to a lot of other coins too. Yes, I know that Tron uses energy instead of Tron, but to be fair if you run out of energy and do not have somewhat big amounts of tron to freeze you are rather screwed.

I really can see this coin become a very good coin to make big projects for as well using as a form of payment in shops and websites because of the low fee and the almost to nothing time it takes to send.

To the people that don’t know what that means, I withdrew Lightbit from an exchange, already instantly after I clicked withdraw it popped up in my lightbit wallet that it was on its way and not long after it was useable.

Are you a user of Lightbit? please let us know what you think in the comments below by leaving your own review on it!

Lightbit Discord: https://discord.gg/4U3a6Tm

Lightbit Twitter: https://twitter.com/LightBit_litb

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