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So this being our very first post on a coin we hope users of JSECoin will put up some reviews for this site in the comments below since that is the point of this site.

JSECoin is actually an Ethereum token made to make mining more friendly for the environment so it takes no power to mine this token at all, that said its a reason for it to be a good way to earn money from your site, since this is one of the few miners that won’t be blocked by your anti-virus since it ask your “permission” or tells you that the site will be using a small percentage of your computer power to mine.

You can add your site to the publisher page and choose to have mining and banner advertising to earn from your traffic, that said affiliate with JSECoin is automated since the notice that comes up the first visit for a user have your affiliate links in them so you will automatically gain affiliate signups.

Now it all doesn’t have to be platform advertising to earn JSEcoins, you can download their software and start mining JSEcoins using that, it use so little power you can watch youtube, play games and much more as you normally would do on your PC.

Sadly JSECoin do not support every country so please make sure you are within these countrys to use JSEcoin.


JSECoin also support their own anti bot system so you can add that to the site too.

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