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Most people have probl heard about Faucethub, but have you heard about the newer and better micro wallet ExpressCrypto? Today we will explain what makes EarnCrypto as good as it is and what big of a difference there is.

ExpressCrypto is a new micro wallet that lets you earn from doing PTC, offerwalls, and faucets that are built by users of the site that let you claim up to 20 different coins that you later can withdraw to your own wallet.

Offerwall / PTC

When you are on the site you can go to the offerwall or PTC and start earning site token in form of EXS($0.22) or EXG($21) from completing these PTC links or offer walls where offerwall only pays in EXS but can pay up to 5 EXS per offer done with 9 different offer walls you can go through. You can then exchange these to any of the cryptos when you reach the minimum.


Even tho the exchange have a min 500 BTC sat exchange it’s still instant, you do not have to wait for someone to put up an order for the coin you want to buy/sell so as soon as you press exchange you will have the chosen coin in your wallet on ExpressCrypto.


ExpressCrypto also has a site chat where you can chat with other users of the site as well as the owner and the team. The chat has some commands as well as PM, tipping, rain, and advertising, ads cost 250 BTC sat per post.


Do you feel lucky? why not try to win some more BTC or dogecoin using the games the site has? The site comes with 4 kinds of “games” 2 dice, one bingo, and one lottery.


Do you happen to know a lot of people or have a big following? well why not get them to join the site and earn 10% from all the offers and PTC they do? Totally recommend since I have at this time of writing made 45 of them and it’s helped me keep my faucet full-on ExpressCrypto.

Are a user of ExpressCrypto, please tell people in the comments why they should join and leave a star rating so new users can see what people think!

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