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So this is a well-known site and I have used it a lot my self too and even get paid out a lot of dogecoin from this site as well. Not into doge? well there is over 30 different coins and tokens that you can earn by doing tasks and get paid out to any addresses.

EarnCrypto comes with 4 different offer walls where you can do surveys, install apps and a lot more that will give you points and depending on the crypto you have set to earn you get a pay per point, in this case, let’s say you want BAT, each point gives you 0.05 BAT.

You can make about between 1 to 400 points per task is done so it’s not hard to earn crypto at all and you will in no time be able to get a good amount of crypto on EarnCrypto.

Payouts on Earncrypto is really almost instant but in very rare instances taking up to 7 days to go through, but to be fair I have never tried for it to take that long when I requested payouts.

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