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I am really normally against writing about a cloud mining company on the site because of the number of scammers that use mining as a way of scamming and not actually having the servers that mine. I’ve looked around with this one and didn’t really see anything alarming unless scammers have started to limiting themselves on what they can steal.

CryptoUniverse is a new cloud mining company that at the time of this post only has space for 20MW but are building a new data centre in Sabiria with up to 80MW. This means the number of servers sold is limited and they have already sold out their Litecoin miners and only have the Bitcoin miners left so if you want part of this you will need to be quick.

CryptoUniverse has an 8% affiliate share, 1 year to Bitcoin 2025 as packages where stand-alones are 1 to 3 years contracts up to 150 TH/s so the price would range around the $16 to $3500 dollars depending on the package you get.

You can also buy your self a miner so you can get your very own hardware without having to fill your home with miners and use your own power and internet since they will buy it and connect it to your account. These are a bit more expensive since you do buy a miner and won’t have any limit, tho you will pay for power cost and maintenance but it will be taken out of the daily pay you get to your wallet from the miner.

Already using CryptoUniverse? let us know what you think below this post!

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