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So this is a very old faucet line and one of the very few lefts that actually is that old and still operating. We are talking a faucet line with almost 100 million monthly visits every month and recently also become the owner of Mellowads.

To use their faucets you need to have an account at coinpot.co because all your claims are sent into the wallets of the coinpot account.

When you have signed up at coinpot you just need to enter the email you used to sign up at coinpot and you are now logged in and every claim will go directly into your coinpot account wallet.

They do have some faucets that take you make an account, just make sure to use same email again when making the account and your claims will still go into your coinpot account. I will have links to them all in this post so you can also support us on the same time earning.


Most of the faucets are time set to give you an amount of reward after the sudden time tho min 5 minutes have to pass for you to make a claim. The more often you claim the more you can earn on a day since the payout overtime period slows down so claiming every 5 minutes is really a good idea.

Tho Bonusbitcoin is a bit different. they let you claim every 15 minutes up to 5000 satoshi.

Are you already a user of these services, please leave a review below as well as a star rating.

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