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Coinfaucet is not only a faucet but also a faucet line of more than just one faucet and all different coins. We will be including all of them in this post so you can get to all of them no problems.

Like the free faucets, coin faucet has an hourly claim time where you can win up to $300 of the amount of coin that the faucet let you claim, but they do not have multiplier as the free faucets.

Tho you can get a free claim by watching a short link they are also giving out codes on twitter that you can use on all the sites to get a free claim before the time is over (claim before use). Free claims do not stack so every time you got one you need to claim before using a new one.

The coin faucet is Ripple, Bitcoin, steam, Cardano and NEM.

Ripple Faucet

Bitcoin Faucet

Steam Faucet

Cardano faucet

Nem Faucet

They seem to be adding a lot more faucets and it seems to add ETH in the future since all advertising banners are on an ETH domain.

What do you think of this faucet line? leave your review down below.

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