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Well its time again for a post about an exchange, and it’s not just any exchange. Today we will look at BTCSquare, it’s an exchange that also is listed on coingecko so trades are published as part of the price listed.

BTCSquare does have a fine amount of daily trades going on with a lot of pairs with BTC of different coins both well known and new coins that have just been added to the exchange itself.

BTCSquare is fairly easy to use and it isn’t hard to find what you need to start trading on the platform.

BTCSquare doesn’t seem to have any sort of KYC so you can just sign up right away and start trading when you made your first deposit to the exchange itself.

Are you a master at affiliate well then BTCSquare is for you with its 50% rev share that could bring you in a very good pay every month.

I really like this exchange in itself because it seems to be easier to use than most exchanges I’ve tried so I would 100% recommend BTCSquare to start trading.

Do you already use this exchange please leave your review below this post to let other people know what you think!

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