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Yes, as the title says there is free staking. How you may ask, well all you need to do is sign up with BTCPOP and start claiming from the different masternode coins that they support and everyday will it be paid to your account and it will automatically stake them for you and give you rewards every day for the amount you have in your account.

BTCPOP has a lot more to it tho, you can also do lending and borrow of money for different things that users could request. You can choose business funding or rep funding that is all about the user’s payback history.

Other things on BTCPOP will be bonds, trading/exchange, cloud mining and much much more, so BTCPOP is a lot of different things into one site.

BTCPOP has a very friendly staff that always are ready to help you if you got some simple questions in the chat or harder once for the support center that takes much more time and such.

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