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So now and days there is a ton of advertising networks within the crypto world and most of them are based on bitcoin, but today I’ll bring you a special network that doesn’t pay in bitcoin but rather using the Tron network and pay you in the IDA Token which is an advertising token.

Bit-ad is the name of the new advertising network that uses the IDA Token to pay you and pay for advertising as well. The Bit-ad network lets you advertise and earn using normal advertising, popup, and PTC advertising.

Bit-ad supports 10 different sizes so it is easy to get the right fit for your website as well the size you want for your advertising for your product.

Even tho that Bit-ad is a very new network it still serves over 100 million views and 250,000 clicks every month.

Bit-ad has websites like allcoins and other big sites that is part of giving it a very big amount of traffic and clicks as well as my own faucet cryptofaucet.site which is a Tron faucet.

There is a minimum deposit of 100 IDA tokens which aren’t too expensive since the price is about the same as Tron so no matter if you are a small business or someone trying to get affiliate signups then you can afford it.

Are you a user of Bit-ad please leave a review of the site below in the comments as well as a rating to help them grow!

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