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Well, our very first review on this website will be a faucet. We have known about this faucet for a while and know its paying since we have managed to get a lot of payouts from the faucet from the different coins and tokens that they allow you to claim.

Allcoins are almost short link free tho only used if you want more auto claims and not on every faucet claim made.

Allcoins do support over 25 coins and tokens that you can claim from every 5 minutes and a very high pay per claim compared to a lot of faucets out there.

They have all sort of games that let you win more crypto if you are lucky enough tho the games only supports Bitcoin as well for offer wall and PTC, but who cares when you can exchange to any of the supported cryptos so you could exchange all the bitcoin you get from that to Tron as an eg.

If you have a mining rig or some beast of a PC you can join in on their pool that payout to the website wallet that you also can exchange since it also paid in BTC in the end.

Allcoins have a level system that gives you XP for just about anything done on the site and also, in the end, reward you with faster pays on offer wall and every 50 levels give you an amount of BTC all the way up to 0.001 BTC at level 250.

Fast way to level up is deposit crypto to the site since they give a lot out from the amount deposited to the site, so let’s say that you have some crypto you want to get exchanged but far from enough to be used on an instant exchange that want min $50 worth to be able to exchange, well just deposit to Allcoins and do the exchange, but have in mind withdrawing can take up to 48 hours but can also be done already after 2 minutes.

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