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So we keep hearing about all these bitcoin advertising companies so all the rather special once is not really spoken about and one of the reasons that we are around.

Adaround is a full out advertising company for everyone where you are in control of what ads are shown on your website by rejecting or accepting ads from your dashboard

Adaround has its own coin that is rather special and far from other coins. Its actually somewhat like Lisk tho addresses are a mix of numbers and letters as well as dashes (0030-00000087-DCBF).

All payments on Adaround is done in their own coin Adshares also known as ADS. The coin is already traded on a few exchanges and easy to get.

Don’t worry if you are earning ADS with your site you can also make ads that use the same balance so you won’t have to worry about buying and transferring. We have a few sites showing the ads from there but not deposited anything and actually have some campaigns running all from what we earned from our traffic.

Adaround is actually supporting a lot of different sizes compared to many ad networks.

Are you a user of adaround please tell us what you think by leaving a review below in the comments and give them the number of bitcoins in rating out of 5 they deserve.

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