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About Us

Crypto Review is a blog that looks into services and products within the crypto world and tests it out for you to make sure you only get the best services and products out there.

We do not review get rich quick scams or any pyramid scams either. We look into real services like wallets, faucets and much more that can help you on the way forward in the world of crypto.

All our posts will include affiliate links because it’s our way of earning beside donations forward to keep publishing reviews of different services and products.

Not only we will be reviewing you since we allow users and readers of our reviews to write one themself below the post and is a good way for your users to show what they think about your company.

Since we usually do reviews with time when we find products and services we then let you push it forward for us to make a review of your site, but it will cost a little to drop everything to do your review.

If we get more then one push a review we will do the reviews in the order we got the push orders.

All you need to do is go to the donation page and donate $30 worth of crypto or $100 if a product (hardware wallet or something alike) and send an email to admin@cryptoreview.xyz with a transaction URL and an image of the transaction from your wallet.

Then give us all the information about your website or product. If product please make sure that you are ready to send the product for free.