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Coinpayments, the biggest multi-coin and token cloud wallet provider in the world of Crypto. Coinpayments are a massive company that have been around for a while and is well trusted by costumers and business.

Now that said if you want a place that both can be done from mobile and web then coinpayments are the place for you to get started with crypto since you can get a lot of different coins and tokens one place compared to most cloud wallets, so why have 10 different wallets on your hunt for free crypto?

You can also go with Coinpayments as a mean to receive over 1500 different coins and tokens for your service online with their payment API system and all the plugins for well-known website systems as WordPress and other systems that can be used as a shopping platform.

Coinpayments do have a full business directory of websites using them to get paid in crypto no matter what kind of business they are. So your business could get free traffic from people looking at new websites.

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